I demonstrate a humanistic approach to teaching by modeling how to be a productive member of a learning community as I teach content, a lifelong aesthetic appreciation of art and theatre, and communication skills. Learning does not only take place in the classroom. For this reason it is important that I continually interact with and mentor students. I must demonstrate the skills, values, and attitudes I expect of my students both inside and outside of the classroom if they are to be successful in achieving them.

My goal in exhibiting the behavior I ask my students to practice, including enthusiasm for the topic, self-discipline, respect for the ideas of others and adherence to deadlines, is to foster a positive learning relationship of trust and mutual respect. I accomplish this goal by keeping four objectives in mind.

  1. Cultivate a safe classroom of honesty and respect.
  2. Make the learning process active, interactive and collaborative.
  3. Teach to a variety of learning styles.
  4. Learn from your students and other successful teachers.
Below you will find a variety of materials from some of the classes I've had the opportunity to teach. I hope you find them useful in your own classrooms.

Course Materials

Other Teaching Projects